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Pakistan- A country of Sufis, Saints, Culture, Traditions, and most importantly Religion. As Muslims Took their liberty based on Islam and made Pakistan their homeland to practice their religious beliefs. Pakistan has been bestowed with the perfect geographical location coming from north to south and because of its unique location all four seasons are entertained here. The location of Pakistan contributes the most Amazing and Mind Capturing sceneries and views like The Hunza valley, Mall road, Murree, Daman-e-Koh, and some of the most beautifully sculptured and architected places like Badshahi Masjid, Lahore Fort, Faisal Masjid, Sheesh Mahal- The Palace of Mirrors and more to come across when you’ll visit this country of Graceful People.

Cities Of Pakistan


Karachi- The City of Lights, Karachi is the main Harbor and port of Pakistan. It has three ports Gwadar, Karachi, and Bin Qasim Port which are worth visiting. Main Touring locations in Karachi are the beaches and the seas like Hawksbay, Sandspit, Paradise point, And the crystallized blue water Kund Malir beach is some miles away from Karachi heading towards Balochistan. It also has attractive shopping centers like The lucky one Mall,  Dolmen Mall, The Atrium Mall, and more.


Lahore a city of extremely enthusiastic and warm-welcoming people. It’s also the second-largest city after Karachi. Badshahi Masjid, Sheesh Mahal- The Place of Mirrors, Minar e Pakistan, The Lahore Museum are some of the places that you must visit when going through it.


Islamabad- The Capital of Pakistan. When it comes to traveling to Pakistan, visiting Islamabad is almost unavoidable, especially if you are flying into Pakistan. There are a lot of things to do and beautiful places to visit in and around Islamabad like Pakistan Monument, Maragala Hills, Lok Virsa Heritage Museum, the elegant Prime Minister’s Secretariat, Dharmarajika Stupa And Monastery, Pir Sohawa Road, Khanpur Dam, Arts & Craft Village are most toured locations.


Peshawar is the coolest city as it’s in the Northern area of Pakistan. It is a cultural and economic hub of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The city is famous for its food and tourism as it is one of the oldest cities in Pakistan.


Sialkot- The city of extremely populous for making sports goods. Its also known for manufacturing and export of many items such as surgical instruments, musical instruments, leather goods, textile goods, etc. Must visit Sialkot Fort, Iqbal Manzil, and Sialkot Clock tower.


Faisalabad, formerly known as Lyallpur, is the third-most-populous city in Pakistan. It has one of the largest agriculture university in the world. Visit Faislabad and discover more.


Multan- The City of Saints! It’s called the city of Saints as it has a large number of Shrines and this city is blanketed with bazaars, mosques, shrines, and ornate tombs. Those Folks who are of poetic or Sufi nature must visit Multan to visit its edificial tombs and shrines and learn about their fascinating history.